Matt Banes surfing Marbella, Costa Rica
The tubes in Marbella are fun at any size
Marbella has one of the best beach breaks in Costa Rica. With an incredible swell window and favorable wind conditions this sand bottom break can be perfect for surfers of any level.

Offshore winds can happen any time but mainly occur from February to March. The water temperature is usually in the low 80's but can dip to cooler levels if the winds have been blowing long enough.

Girls love to go surfing in Marbella, Costa Rica
Surfer girls love Marbella

  • Best time to surf Marbell, Costa Rica: December through April (Dry season).
  • Level of surfing required: Beginner to expert
  • Type of equipment needed: Just your board and trunks (or a bikini), a rash guard, sunscreen and maybe a vest (rare)

Girls, boys and adults will love the surfing conditions in Marbella. Come visit and stay at the Marbella Surf Inn, go camping and enjoy great food at the Tiki Hut Bar and Grill.
Family surf vacations in Marbella, Costa Rica
Family surfing fun.

Surfing lessons, surfboard rentals, surf photography and horseback beach riding tours are all available in Marbella. Early morning and late afternoon surf sessions are usually the best - mid day is better for a hammock and a good book - or your iPhone.

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