Welcome to Paradise. Welcome to Marbella, Costa Rica!

Incredible Marbella, Costa Rica Welcome to paradise! Yes Marbella, Costa Rica is paradise on Earth and we are so lucky to be able to spend time here with the friendly Tico people and the captivating nature that surrounds this pueblo. Every day Marbella reveals her natural beauty with incredible sunrises over the eastern mountains, colorful sunsets to the west over the Pacific Ocean and, when the conditions are right - incredible nightscapes full of bright stars and moonlit beaches. Thanks for visiting this site and browsing the blog posts and informative bits and pieces of information that make life fun and interesting here in the jungle. If you have any questions, comments or ideas please feel free to contact us . We are always one click away...Pura Vida.

Let's All Help Buy a Truck For Recycling in Marbella

Click here to support Marbella Verde Recycling needs a truck organized by Giselle Leon We are a group of women who have rallied to protect the environment and ensure that the younger generations are ready to continue and better the conservation and development conundrum our area faces in a sustainable and innovative way. In order to protect our environment and curb our wasteful hab...

Neighborly Tips: How to recycle those awkward kitchen plastics

How to Recycle Kitchen Plastics Tubs and lids (like for cottage cheese), cups (like for single-serving yogurt), and iced tea or big syrup bottles The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) measured the nation's overall plastics recycling rate for 2014 at just 9.5 percent, and kitchen plastics are an area where that number can improve significantly to preserve resources and keep re-usable waste out of our landfills.

Is Costa Rica's Top Surfer Ranked #10 in the World?

Yes! As of March 31, 2019 Costa Rica Surfer Carlos Munoz is ranked #10 in the world according to the World Surf  League's international competitive ranking system - and he loves surfing Marbella from time to time! Carlos has seven heat wins this season with his best finish being second place at the Claro Open Pro - Copa Tubos in Punta Hermosa Peru. Check out the upcoming World Surf League events and entire 2019 tour schedule and follow Carlos as he works his way through difficult heats while surfing some of the world's best waves. 

Marbella Costa Rica Has A Popular Surfer Hotel

Thanks to's Greg Gordon for covering the latest news about the Marbella Surf Inn on his popular surf travel web site. You can read the article here on

Costa Rica in U.S. Movie Theaters

If you have ever been to Costa Rica you will get a good "Pura Vida" feeling when you watch this video clip. If you have never been lucky enough to visit Costa Rica watch this video and prepare to plan your next vacation. The soundtrack is excellent. According to the Tico Times this promotional clip is now being featured in many U.S. movie theaters as part of Costa Rica's promotion of tourism in North America.

What Will Marbella Look Like in 10 Years?

If you've lived in Guanacaste for the last ten years you have seen a lot of growth and development. From luxury hotels and Yoga retreats to single family housing and condominiums - it's been a bonanza for entrepreneurs who flocked to the rich coast (and mountains) to meet the growing demand for eco tourism, adventure vacationing, second home investment and retirement living. Even the small towns have been impacted by this cycle - and Marbella is no exception. Recently Century21 in Nosara put me up to the task of looking into the latest construction trends in Guanacaste to make some sense of what seems to be a definite uptick in construction over the last twelve months - particularly in Marbella and Playa Guiones. While working through this project I came across the Google Earth time lapse mapping tool and it blew my mind to see construction patterns throughout Playa Guiones from 2004-2013 (see images below). The amount of rooftops that appear over nine years is incredible.